AIA Shanghai regularly collaborates with many local, regional and international industry organizations to bring relevant content to its members. Following is a listing of AIA Shanghai’s growing list of partner groups:



GREEN INITIATIVES  is a nonprofit organization that promotes awareness, facilitates actions, implements projects, and stimulates change toward sustainable and environmentally-responsible development and consumption. Its mission is to minimize or reverse the environmental degradation in China brought about by economic growth, and ensure that economic development and a better standard of living do not come at the cost of the environment.



ARCHITECT@WORK is a worldwide event with presence in 8 countries and 11 cities for almost 10 years. The event is exclusively designed for architects, designers and other industry related professionals with a focus on Innovation. The entire concept has been uniquely created by architects for architects. A@W is uniquely focused on quality instead of quantity. Only pre- approved professionals have access to this exclusive event. A@W is a sustainable event. The show’s design and set-up uses both minimal and reusable materials. A@W consciously creates considerably less waste than other standard events. This determined approach results in strong partnerships with sustainable partners, including AIA Shanghai, USGBC, Giga and Econet.



ULI, the Urban Land Institute, is a nonprofit research and education organization supported by its members.  Founded in 1936, it now has members worldwide, representing the entire spectrum of land use and real estate development disciplines working in private enterprise and public service. A multidisciplinary real estate forum, ULI facilitates an open exchange of ideas, information, and experience among industry leaders and policy makers dedicated to creating better places.



GIGA was established to make green building easy by simplifying how designers find, select and manage materials. Following their successful completion of Asia's first carbon neutral hotel, GIGA's Founders launched an open source database listing the greenest materials available in China's construction marketplace. The response for this information was overwhelming, including interest and support from the Clinton Foundation. At the 2009 Clinton Global Initiative, GIGA committed to help build China's marketplace for green design and construction. GIGA has evolved into the industry’s first cloud-based material management software which is licensed by Designers, Developers, and Manufacturers.


AIA 上海定期与许多当地的,不同区域的以及国际性的行业组织合作,并反馈相关内容给其成员。以下是AIA上海逐渐增加的伙伴团体的名单列表:




 绿色倡议是一个公益组织,为可持续环保的发展和消耗,推广理念,促进行动,落实项目,启发变化。 组织的宗旨是改善与最小化中国经济涨幅所引起的环境恶化,确保经济发展所带来的美好生活不以践踏环境为基础。









城市土地学会 (ULI) 是一个独立的非营利性研究及教育机构。ULI为涉及房地产开发和土地使用领域的个人与机构提供最佳实践。ULI创建于1936年,目前已拥有来自世界各地三万多名会员。




GIGA(循绿) 由全球知名的致力于中国绿色建筑事业的 建筑设计师群体 创办。GIGA通过简化设计师寻找和管理材料的过程,让绿色建筑设计变得更为轻松。GIGA的诞生源于 亚洲第一个碳中性酒店 的成功落成,之后GIGA第一个版本 (v1.0) 面向公众,网站列举了在中国可以获得的绿色建筑材料。公众对该网站反响巨大,包括吸引了克林顿基金会 (Clinton Foundation) 的兴趣和支持。在2009年的 克林顿全球倡议 (Clinton Global Initiative) 上,GIGA承诺帮助建立中国的绿色设计和建造市场,并正式发布 网站。此后,GIGA发展成为建筑业首个基于云技术的供设计师、开发商和生产商使用的材料管理软件。