For the past 150 years, the AIA has been shaping the US architectural industry, and has been actively developing an international influence over the past 20 years. AIA Shanghai has been established to support the development of many American practices expanding in China.

AIA Shanghai asks for your support to continue the quality and diversity of events which further the education and development of our members, and the design and construction community at large. AIA Shanghai now boasts over 250 members: sole practitioners working in Shanghai, to senior leaders at large international firms including SOM, RTKL, AECOM, and many others. The majority of our members are based in Shanghai, with several members in cities including Beijing, Guangzhou and others.

Sponsors, your support makes a difference.  As a volunteer organization, we rely on our members’ time and energy to organize these events, but we also depend largely on generous sponsor funding to make these events happen. We are looking for multiple sponsors to be represented at our key events. We are planning several events for the Fall 2013, and Calendar year 2014 including a Gala Dinner, Design Awards, and other events in the planning stage. We are also looking for general chapter sponsors to help fund our regular events, including building tours, lectures and film nights which occur 6-8 times per year.

This is a unique opportunity to gain exposure with architects and consultants working on a wide range of projects in Shanghai, China and internationally.

Thank you for your support. Our members look forward to seeing you at the upcoming events!

To sponsor our chapter, please email us at info@aiashanghai.org 


在过去的150年里,AIA 在不断塑造美国的建筑行业,并在过去的20年里不断发展国际影响力。 AIA上海的成立是为了支持许多美国建筑师在中国的项目的发展。

AIA上海希望得到您的支持,继续开展高质量和富有多样性的活动,最大程度地对会员和建筑专业人员的培训、发展,设计乃至社会建设有所帮助。AIA上海现有250多名成员:从在上海工作的独营执业者到国际建筑事务所内的资深领导,比如SOM,RTKL, AECOM,等等。绝大部分的会员居住在上海,还有一部分在北京,广州和其他城市。




如想支持我们分会,请联系: info@aiashanghai.org