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AIA Shanghai | GIGA: 20|20 Vision Green Building Challenge Launch

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2O2O VISION is a Green Building initiative for China envisioned to catalyze a country-wide standard and prepare the design and construction industry for the impact of regulations being implemented in China between now and 2020. As mandated by the China’s Central Government, 30% of all new construction will have to be certified as Green Building Label (3-Star system) by 2020. The implications for the industry are enormous. At an estimated 5.5 billion square meters in new construction, China will be home to more green buildings than the global total of green buildings in existence today. By all accounts, the 2020 target will take us past a green building tipping point.

Are You Ready?
Currently, the industry is completely unprepared, largely because many of the requirements have not yet been published. However, the direction of these requirements is very clear. We have already identified the four areas in which we will struggle most, those being, primarily: Energy, Chemistry, Water, and Design Integration. Hundreds of thousands of data gaps need to be filled in these areas, before we can attempt to meet the national objectives. 

About the Challenge
2O2O VISION, created by GIGA and AIA Shanghai, is run as a non-profit operation. It is designed to be in operation through 2020 with the ultimate goal of meeting the Central Government objectives. The Challenge’s annual targets are incremental, with each year moving closer to the ultimate national objective. The first year will serve as a pilot.

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