Thomas V. Vonier, FAIA, Elected 2017 AIA President

Thomas V. Vonier, FAIA, from AIA Continental Europe, was elected 2016 AIA First Vice President/2017 President at AIA Convention 2015 in Atlanta. Currently serving as 2014–2015 AIA Vice President, he is also the founder and past president of AIA Continental Europe from 1994 to 1995. He served on the AIA Board of Directors representing the AIA International Region from 2010 to 2012. Read more

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China's Nail Houses

© Reuters / Image via The Atlantic

© Reuters / Image via The Atlantic

"Across China, where new developments are keeping pace with the rapidly growing economy, reports continue to surface so-called "nail houses." These properties, standing alone amid the ruins of other buildings, belong to owners who have stood their ground and resisted demolition. Defiant property owners say the compensation being offered is too low. Some of them have remained in their homes for years as their court cases drag on and new construction continues all around them..." The Atlantic. View this photographic essay here

NBBJ plan skyscraper that 'casts no shadow'

A concept for a "No Shadow Tower" was recently put forward by the London branch of NBBJ architects. The ambitious structure would be built to reflect light between two high-rises to ensure more sunlight can reach ground level. It works by using an algorithm in the design phase to calculate which panels on a building will be in view of the sun at certain hours of the day depending on its location, shape and the time of year. Read more

Photographer captures overscaled urbanization in Chongqing

Since his first visit to the city in 2009 photographer Tim Franco has been on a mission to document the rapid change in what he believes is “maybe the most widely unknown megacity in the world.” The result is Metamorpolis, a forthcoming book photographic book by Franco with text by British journalist Richard Macauley, which documents the colossal scale of development juxtaposed against the people of Chongqing more

Micro Organism | Hutong infill in Beijing

The rise of China’s architectural practices has been as meteoric as the growth of the university architectural departments that churn them out. Aside from a few historic and elite universities in China, architecture teaching programmes did not really exist in mainstream tertiary education until 1992. This was the start of the economic boom and so-called liberalisation under Deng Xiaoping, which, by 1994, had created around 2,000 domestic architects in China (and around 100 foreign architectural design offices registered in Shanghai alone), all eager to get a piece of the action. Read more

World’s Largest Passenger Terminal in Beijing

ADP Ingeniérie (ADPI) and Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) have unveiled designs for what will be the world’s largest airport passenger terminal – the Beijing New Airport Terminal Building. The Daxing scheme, based off the bid-winning planning concept by ADPI, hopes to alleviate traffic from Beijing’s existing Capital Airport, which is operating beyond its planned capacity. Read more